Edge Cloud

Zamzilla Edge Wolke, an IoT Cloud platform, provides convenient solution templates to reduce time-to-market for your IoT products in order to become apart of the smart city ecosystem. The template includes interactive dashboards, processing logic, sample devices, users and all other required entities. You can treat the template as a complete PoC/MVP.

Edge Wolke supports high-availability deployments on cloud and on-premises data centers using K8S or bare-metal deployments. The platform components are horizontally scalable. Edge Wolke has production deployments supporting more then 500 000 devices connected.

Zamzilla’s Edge Wolke IoT data management helps organizations understand how environmental conditions and user behavior can effect the performance of their products. IoT sensors can also be used to measure product performance metrics. The data collected by these sensors can be used to improve future versions of products managed on Edge Wolke.